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Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Are these 'senators NUTS?

I have returned briefly to tell these mostly Conservative Albertan Senators to get their collective heads out of their collective arse's ... do they really think a few dollars in a few Alberta pockets will compensate for the destruction of the flora and fauna of the west coast that will result from the first inevitable major spill. Never mind the cost of the impossible clean up, the economic cost to the area (oh wait you don't give a shit, its not your area), Never mind the death of irreplaceable sea life that is already threatened world wide.

Read on if you can stomach it!

A federal ban on tanker traffic off British Columbia’s north coast has been defeated in a Senate committee, but that doesn’t mean it’s dead in the water.

On a 6-6 vote, the Standing Senate Committee on Transport and Communications recommended not to proceed with the controversial Bill C-48.

The federal Liberals’ bill, otherwise known as the Oil Tanker Moratorium Act, would ban tankers carrying more than 12,500 metric tonnes of crude or persistent oil from stopping or unloading along B.C.’s northern coast.

Senator Doug Black said the development was “a good day for Alberta and for Canada.”

The committee voted 6-6 to to reject recommending the bill. Because of the tie vote, the recommendation failed.

Alberta independent senator Paula Simons voted against it, along with five Conservative senators. Five other independents and one self-identified Liberal voted in favour.
Canadian oil industry.

Conservatives in the Senate said voting down the bill is a win for Canada’s energy industry, leaving open the possibility of exporting Canadian oil from northern B.C. ports.
Despite the recommendation, the bill is not dead yet. The Senate still must vote on the bill.

The legislation has already passed in the House of Commons but not in the Senate.

Extracted from https://globalnews.ca/news/5282395/senate-committee-recommendation-against-bill-c48-oil-tanker-ban/

Senators ... go take a swim in an Alberta tailing pond and then come back and tell us how little risk there is to allowing massive tankers to traverse this narrow and challenging, largely unpolluted navigational waters

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The Mound of Sound said...

Here we sit and simmer. A lot of us have hardening attitudes toward these Albertans and their lazy, greedy ways that respect nothing but their own wants.

Rural said...

I think my 'simmering' days are over Mound' on this and several other fronts!