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Friday, June 7, 2019

The uncountable Ontario 'government' !

“The Ontario Progressive Conservative government plans to adjourn the House for an extended summer break on Thursday, in a move that would leave Queen’s Park empty until after the next federal election.
The Ford government will table a motion on Thursday to extend the summer break to Oct. 28, more than a month longer than the original return date of Sept. 6.
“Since June 7th, 2018, the Ontario government has moved at an unprecedented pace,” it said in the statement.

No friggin kidding, something akin to a mad man with a machete running wild among us poor natives who were desperately trying to hang on to the few supports available or those not on Frords elite list.

They have been governing like a dictatorship right from the start , now they can go another three months without even the semblance of any accountability whist bombarding us with lies and BS and promoting the equally corrupt federal Con artists...

What me biased? You better believe it, and my previous days of measured and reasonable commentary are over, I am now thoroughly pissed at the state of politics in Canada and more particularly in Ontario and such will be reflected in future 'rants' on these pages.

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Owen Gray said...

They think that if it's quiet at Queens Park, Sheer will win. This is politics at its most cynical, Rural.

Lorne said...

At some level, these people must know how royally they have screwed things up, Rural. Indeed, the suggestion has been made that the Ford wrecking crew won't be returning to the legislature until after the federal election because they know to do so would reduce Scheer's chances in that election.

Rural said...

Cynical does nt even cover it Owen, as Lorne says it a calculated move because they know are done as soon as the public wakes up and sees the 'Cons' true nature....